A podcast is a like a radio program, with the benefit that you can download and listen to it whenever it suits you. If you load a podcast app onto your phone, you can be alerted whenever a new episode becomes available.

You have different options to listen to it:

  • The website link: our podcast is hosted by Anchor.fm
  • Use the Spotify app for Android or Windows
    • Search for Encouragement Media and tap Subscribe
  • Get a Pocket Casts on your Android phone using Google Play or on your Windows PC
    • After downloading, use the search feature to look for Encouragement Media, then tap Subscribe
  • Use the Podcast app on your iPhone to search for and then subscribe to our podcast
  • If you are using a different app and want the rss file to subscribe

I really do enjoy listening to podcasts and would like to share with you some of my favourites: