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This Bible study is going to help you see yourself as God sees you. Reading the Word of God goes hand in hand with prayer. They are two sides of a coin. You cannot do the one without the other. I hope you are going to enjoy doing the Bible study and enjoy finding out just how precious you are. My name is Pat and I have enjoyed writing this book just for you.

A special thank you to my precious son, Tienie, for editing and formatting this book.

We are going to concentrate on the book of Isaiah 43.

Here God is talking to the Israelites through the prophet Isaiah in the Old Testament. When we read the Bible we are going to look at it as if God is also talking to us.

You are Precious:
Isaiah 43:1-5

Teacher: Becky, do you feel precious? Who knows what that means? (wait for response).

Do you know that the Bible tells you that you are precious? (Asking the puppets and children. Wait for response).

Okay let me ask you another question: Do you ever
feel alone? (Wait for response).

Let me ask you another question: Do you know
that God promises you, that you are not alone?

(wait for response).
(dolls talk to teacher)

A: (sad voice) I feel alone sometimes.

B: me too…
A: Wait a bit teacher, where does it say that in the Bible?

B: You’ll have to tell us more

Teacher: God loves us, He doesn’t want us to be afraid, He knows each of us by name and He is always with us. (Read Isaiah 43:1).

A: I get scared.

B: Me too!

A: (bragging) It says in that verse that I should not be afraid, and that He knows my name and that I am His.

B: He also knows my name, He created me, I am His.

Teacher: Let’s read verse 2. “When you go through trouble I will be with you.”
What do you think it means children?

(wait for response)

B:(slowly) That is awesome!)

Teacher ends with a summary, dolls greet and wave.
You are precious: Part 2

Teacher greets kids and opens in prayer.

Teacher: Do you remember what we spoke about last time? We spoke about how precious you are to God. You are precious!

Who wants to tell us what you remember?

(wait for response)

(ask children) Do you feel precious?

(allow discussion time)

Teacher introduces doll A: I know of some one who will also remember what we spoke about.

Will you help me call him? His name is ___________

(have children call doll B)

A: I feel very special. I feel like I am bursting with love!

Teacher: Tell us more…

A: I am not scared when I’m on my own any more. I am not afraid of the dark any more.

B: I also want to say something! I can walk outside at night with a torch to put the dog outside and walk bravely! Do you know that Afrikaans song: “Ek’s ‘n dapper muis kyk hoe stap ek deur die huis…”

A: If I have a problem then I pray about it and I ask God to help me.

B: Yes, because God is with you.

A: Yes, He is with me and if I know Him then I can talk to Him.

B: Yes because He is with you, not far away.

Teacher: (to dolls) I am glad you are not afraid anymore. Do you feel precious?

B: No I don’t feel very precious.

A: Shame, why not?

B: My parents are always screaming at us at home, and they hit us!

A: And then?

B: I run away (because they want to hit us with their beer bottles.)

Teacher: (s-l-o-w-l-y) Shame…

Jesus loves you and you are precious, see you next time.

Everybody greets.
Puppets exit

Your are Precious:
Part 3

Teacher and the dolls enter, greeting.

Teacher: Can you remember what we have been talking about? (wait for a response)

You are precious! And God loves you. He loves you just as you are. You are precious.
We all want to be loved, don’t we? (wait for a response)

Do you know what I have enjoyed so far? That God tells me in the Bible in Isaiah 43:4 that He loves me. Don’t we all want to be loved? Yes and God says I love you. Maybe your family doesn’t always tell you that so I want to tell you today, that God loves you.

A: I love you Becky!

B: And me too, me too!

Becky: Yes and I love you too.

Teacher continues: Wait a minute, wait a minute lets talk about this love thing. What is it? Let’s see…

1. It is putting someone else before yourself.
2. Praying for others.
3. Sharing your sweets with somebody.
4. Helping Mom with the dishes.
5. Doing your homework.

Now let me ask you, How can you show Jesus that you love Him? (wait for a response)

1. We can spend time with Him reading the Bible and praying.
2. Obey Him and our parents.
3. It is a lifestyle, it simply means the way you live by doing the right things that please both Jesus and others.

A: It is so wonderful to learn all these things and that God does not just want to punish us. It would be awful if we had to bow in fear before Him all the time.

B: That is true! God makes everyday new and we need to make it a good day. We can pray for each other and be helpful at home and remember to do our homework.

A: We must remember to live right because we love God and God loves us.

B: Do you know what?

A: No! what?

B: We must always say please and thank you, because it is good manners.

Teacher: That’s lovely hearing you say that. Yes it is so nice to see and hear children with good manners. So to say thank you and please is so good. You know God expects us to have good manners and it all starts in your heart. It’s called attitude.

God wants us to have a good attitude and good manners too.

You Are Precious:
Part 4

Teacher and dolls enter greeting.

Teacher: (Asks the dolls)
What were we speaking about last time?

Dolls answer.

Let me recap. We have spoken about you are precious and that you are never alone, that God is with You and that He loves you.
Now there is something we have not spoken about yet.
I want to talk about it today.
Verse 1 says “I know you by name, I created you”. What does that mean?

B: I think it is like when you decide to make something you get all the things ready and when you are finished you have a plan and then you make it and you stand back and look at what you have made.

Doll A: Yes I think so too!

Becky: God created you. He made you and He says you are precious and that He loves you. To God nobody is ugly. He says, “I love you and I know you, I know you by name.”

Doll B: God does not look at the clothes you are wearing or at the colour of your hair.

Doll A: That is true; He looks at your heart.

Teacher: Where is your heart? Let’s talk about your heart. Your heart beats inside your chest here (point to your heart). Now put your hand on your heart and feel it beating. Can you feel it?

Doll A: Yes.

Doll B: (excitedly) Mine is beating quiet hard, I can feel it.

Doll A: What will happen if it stops Becky?

Becky: What do you think children? (wait for a response).

Jesus lives in your heart. The Bible says God will give you the desires of your heart. You need to guard your heart and to put good things into it, because God looks into your heart.

Doll A: Becky can I ask you something please?

Becky: Yes.

Doll A: God knows my name?
Becky: Yes that is what we were talking about.

Doll B: Becky, does God know everything?

Becky: Yes, God knows everything and sees everything. He knows you by name, you are precious to Him.

Becky: prays and everybody greets.

You are Precious:
Part 5

Both Dolls enter singing: Jesus knows my name.
Hello, hello.

Becky: enters Hello, you sound jolly. Who can tell me what we were talking about last time? (wait for response)

Becky: We spoke about, “I have called you by name”
Yes Jesus knows you, He loves you and you are
special and precious.

Doll B: What are we going to talk about today Becky?

Teacher/Becky: There are 4 important points in verse 1, so let us read verse 1 together.

“Do not be afraid, I will save you, I have called you by name – you are mine.”

We have discussed 1 to 3
so today we are going to talk about number 4. You are mine.

Children what do you think that means? (wait for a response)

(Becky asks the dolls)
What do you have to say doll B?

Doll B: Becky I think (Slowly) It means you belong to God.

Doll A: (Joins in) Yes, I think
It means you know God Becky.
Becky: Well done! Yes we can know God but it also means we belong to God. I know you, but I don’t belong to You.

Doll A: Children I think I can explain it.

Doll B: Tell us then.

Doll A: If you belong to God He lives in your heart.

Doll B: I belong to Jesus because He lives in my heart.

Becky: That’s so nice to hear you say that. Jesus lives in your heart when you ask Him into your life, that is why you can say you belong to God.

He loves you and you are precious to Him and that means you belong to the family of God. God knows your name. He created you and formed you.
He loves you and redeemed you, He is your savior.
You are precious to Him.

We have come to the end and I have enjoyed being here and doing this series with you.

Doll A: Yes it has been fun I know that I am precious, bye – bye love you!

Doll B: And I know that God loves me and I am special,
Bye – bye love you!

Becky: Bye, You are precious.

The teacher talks about how precious you are and that God loves you.

God loves you just as you are. He made you and He knows you. You are special because no one in the whole wide world is just like you. You are wonderfully made, and you are good enough for Jesus. We don’t always feel special, we have bad experiences with other people, our parents or brothers or sisters.

We need to remember that God loves us so much that He sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sins and that it is because of Jesus’ unconditional love. We are never alone because Jesus is with you in your heart. He loves you and says that you are precious to Him.