All things begin and end with Jesus – Small groups

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An opening word …

This book can be used for Bible study, on your own, in a cell group or in a children’s church. Instructions are found at the beginning of every lesson for the teacher / cell leader. Work through it to familiarize yourself before presenting the lesson.

Always work from the Bible with your class / cell group. Encourage your class / cell to read and allow discussion time to see what they understand. Never assume they know something. Allow your class / cell to pray out loud. Use all available opportunities to lead children / people to the Lord.

I hope you enjoy this time and grow spiritually.

Love in Christ


  • Lesson 1 We can approach the Lord with confidence
  • Lesson 2 We need to believe
  • Lesson 3 Trust
  • Lesson 4 Faithful
  • Lesson 5 We are heirs of Jesus
  • Lesson 6 Jesus our salvation
  • Lesson 7 The Holy One of God / son of man
  • Lesson 8 God’s children
  • Lesson 9 The Holy Spirit is a gift
  • Lesson 10 Victory
  • Lesson 11 Forgiveness by the blood
  • Lesson 12 Jesus the source
  • Lesson 13 Holy Spirit
  • Lesson 14 A new Spirit
  • Lesson 15 Why do we need the Holy Spirit?
  • Lesson 16 What does the Spirit do for us?
  • Lesson 17 Receive the Holy Spirit, with evidence of tongues
  • Conclusion
  • Summary

LESSON ONE: We can approach the Lord with confidence

Teacher / Cell leader
Preparation: Read Hebrews 4:14-16, read each verse to the children each time to look for the answer.

Let’s read Hebrews 4:14-16 class.

1. How do you approach God?
Fear? because of sin
Confidently, because of knowing Him

2. What do you need to do firstly? Verse 14. Let’s read it.
Believe and hold fast to our confession. What do you think confession means?
Confession means to say or admit your beliefs. What you believe in?

3. What must we believe? Verse 14-15. Read it again.
Jesus is the Son of God. He has sympathy for us and understands our weakness that is why He died for us.

4. Did Jesus sin? He had a choice. Verse 15. Let’s read it.
He was tempted in all points and did not sin. He chose to obey His Father.

5. Can we have confidence to approach God’s throne? Verse 15-16. Read it.
Yes because we will find Jesus there. We have a High Priest who has passed through the heavens.

6. What will we receive at God’s throne, and when will we receive it? Read verse 16
We will receive a promise – we may find mercy and grace – in a time of need.

End with a discussion, as a summary. Find out what the children remembered and understood from this lesson. Repeat some of the questions.

LESSON TWO: We need to believe

Teacher / Cell leader
Preparation: Read Luke 8:5-15 GNB, read each verse to the children each time to look for the answer.

Let’s read Luke 8:5-15.

1. What was the seed that was sown? Read verse 5 and
then verse 11 (repeat the question).
The seed is the Word of God (The Bible)

2. What does Jesus mean when He talked about the seed that fell on “the path”? Read verse 5 and verse 12 (repeat the question)
People who hear the message, but the Devil steels it from them and they forget it.

3. What does Jesus mean when He talked about the seed that fell on the “rocky ground”? Read verse 6 and verse 13 (repeat the question)
People who hear the message, but don’t stand strong. They only believe until it becomes hard to believe.

4. What does Jesus mean when He talked about the seed that fell “among thorn bushes”? Read verse 7 and verse 14 (repeat the question)
People who hear the message, but the worries of this life choke the message.

5. What does Jesus mean when He talked about the seed that fell on “good ground”? Read verse 7 and verse 14 (repeat the question)
People who hear the message, and save it in their hearts. They believe it and allow it to bear fruit.

Allow time for discussion. We need to save the Word of God in our hearts and believe it.


Teacher / Cell leader
Preparation: read Hebrews 2:13-17, Psalm 16 read each verse to the children each time to look for the answer.

Let’s read Hebrews 2:11-17.

1. Who purifies people from their sins? And do they then become part of God’s family? Read verse 11, (repeat the question).
Jesus purifies people from sin, and is not ashamed to call them family.

2. In whom did Jesus put His trust in, in verse 13? Let’s read verse 13 again to find the answer
God (His Father)

3. What did Jesus want to accomplish through His death? Verse 14 let’s read it
Jesus destroyed the power of the devil. He died for our sins.

4. Who did Jesus release from bondage in verse 15?
Those who were slaves to the fear of death.

5. Why did Jesus have to become a “person”? verse 16-17
He became human to save us from our sins, because He is faithful.

6. What do you think a High Priest does?
He brings the sacrifice that brings forgiveness for sin.
Hold firmly, trust and believe that Jesus is the High Priest who died to set us free from the power of the devil.

Now we can approach the throne of God with confidence and receive mercy and grace when we need it. That means you and I can receive it when we need it.

Ask these questions one at a time and to specific person
Do you ask?
Do you believe?
Do you trust?

Read Psalm 16 through and allow time for discussion.


Teacher / Cell leader
Preparation: read Hebrews 3:1-6, read each verse to the children each time to look for the answer.

Let’s read Hebrews 3:1-6.

1. Who built the house according to verse 4? Let’s read it

2. What do you think the word “house” means in verse 4?

3. Where does a builder start to build a house?
He builds the foundation first, then the walls, then the windows, then the roof, then the inside.
Jesus does the same. First we believe and then He builds our Faith.

4. Explain verse 6, let’s read it.
We belong to Jesus. Now we need to build a relationship with Him.

How do we build a relationship with Jesus and what does relationship mean?

Listen to what they answer and then explain spending time reading the Bible and personal prayer. Jesus answers our prayers because He cares.

5. How are we to hold fast in verse 6?
With confidence, rejoicing and with hope.

6. Was God faithful in sending Jesus for our sake?

God the Father was faithful in sending Jesus His only Son to die for our sins. Jesus is faithful as the Son in charge of God’s house (us) we are His house and we must keep up our courage and our confidence in what we hope for. God will see us through if we hold firmly, trustingly and believe through it all.

LESSON 5 We are heirs of Jesus

Teacher / Cell leader
Preparation: Read through Hebrews chapter one.
We are going to deal with: Hebrews 1:1-6 and John 3: 3-4
Read each verse to the children each time to look for the answer.

Hebrews 1:1-6
1. Through who did God speak to us? Let’s read verse 1 together.
The prophets.

2. What did Jesus reflect in verse 3?
The brightness of God’s glory and exact likeness. (Good News Bible) The Image of the Father.
Discuss it, let them visualize it.

3. What does Jesus achieve in verse 3? Read it again.
Forgiveness for our sins (Good News Bible) Upholding all things by the power of the Word.

4. Where is Jesus today according to verse 3? Let’s read it again.
The right hand side of God.

5. What was the angel’s job description in verses 6?
To Worship Jesus. Try to discuss this.

Summarize this lesson try to get the children talking. Asking each child what he thought.

This will help to remember and understand. This is a good lesson to talk to the children about Jesus.

Only by receiving Jesus Christ as Lord of your life can you become reborn and be an heir to salvation. As heirs we receive everlasting life. Read John 3:3-4.

LESSON 6 Jesus our salvation

Teacher / Cell leader
Preparation: Read Hebrews 2:1-13, read each verse to the children each time to look for the answer.

1. Read verse 6-8. What are human beings that God should be mindful of us? Allow children to think.
We are made in His image, a little lower than the angels. (verse 7) Explain His love for us.

2. Read Verse 8. What did Jesus put under His feet?
All things, making Him ruler over ALL THINGS, it means everything including heaven and earth.
Discuss the authority we have.

3. Read verse 9-10. What does this explain to us about Jesus?
That Jesus died for us; He is our salvation, by the grace of our heavenly Father. Discuss this.

4. Does all things include you and me?

5. Read verse 11.
What is our relationship with Jesus and God in this verse?
Jesus purifies us. God is our Father.

7. Read verse 13. What do we become if God is our Father?
His children!

Summarize from verse one asking questions as you work through this passage again.

Verse one is very rich, what do you think It means when it says “Take heed”?

What does it mean to drift away? Verse 4 & 6.

We need to hold firmly, trusting and believing that:

Jesus is our salvation.
He has set us free from sin.
We are made in His image, that.
We are included in the all things and everything.

Because we believe we can confidently call God, Father.

We can only come to the Father through Jesus.

LESSON SEVEN The Holy One of God. Son of man

Teacher / Cell leader
Preparation: Read John 6:68-69 & John 5:19-24
Read each verse to the children each time to look for the answer

1. In John 6:69 what does Peter discover? Read it again.
Jesus is the Son of the Living God

John 5:19-24

2. What does John 5:20 tell us about the Father? Let’s read it through again and listen to find the answer.
That the Father loves the Son, and shows Him everything He does.

3. In verse 22 Who passes judgement? Let’s read verse 22
Together (also refer to verse 30)

4. In verse 22 Who does not pass judgement?
The Father.

5. In verse 23 Who should we honour? Jesus or the Father?
Both (because we have a relationship with the Father through Jesus we can’t honor one without honoring the other).

6. What are we promised in verse 24?
Everlasting Life, and there will be never be condemned.

In John 6:69 Jesus born a son of a carpenter in the town of Nazareth is referred to by Peter (Good News Bible) as the Holy one of God. Discuss.

LESSON EIGHT God’s children

Teacher / Cell leader
Preparation: Read Romans 8:12-17

1. Verse 12 tells us how to live. Please explain
How do we change when we receive Jesus?
We must not live according to the world. Flesh. What does it mean to live according to the flesh? Human nature. (When we receive Jesus the Holy Spirit lives in your heart)

2. Try and find an important key in verse 13. Read it again
To be led by the Spirit.

3. What are you if you are led by the Spirit? Read verse 14 again.
Children of God. When you receive Jesus into your heart the Holy Spirit lives in your heart.

4. What does verse 15 allow you to do?
To call God Father.

5. What kind of spirit do we receive in verse in verse 15?
And what kind of Spirit are we set free from?
Adoption – God makes us His children.

Fear, for we all suffer from some kind of fear this is an excellent opportunity to cat about fears. If relevant pray for them.

Summarize and discuss bringing home the truths breaking through with revelation knowledge.

Isn’t it wonderful, through the Holy Spirit our Spirit Witnesses to God?
Through receiving Jesus as our Savior we are reborn. Our spirits are made alive to receive eternal life.

The Holy Spirit strengthens you by encouraging you. You did not receive a spirit of fear but adoption as a child of God. (Verse 17) since we are His Children, we will possess the blessings He keeps for His people.

LESSON NINE The Holy Spirit is a gift

Teacher / Cell leader
Preparation: Read Romans 8:23-31

1.In verse 23 what is the meaning of “First fruits of the Spirit?
It means the Holy Spirit was the first gift from God. When you receive Jesus the Holy Spirit is the first gift God gives you. God made us to want fulfilment but salvation is a free choice.

2.In verse 26 Who helps us when we are weak?
The Holy Spirit. Discuss, allowing time for questions.

3. Verse 26 Who pleads for us with God?
The Holy Spirit.

4. Read verse 28. All things work together for …?
The good of those who love Him, those who are called to His purpose (to be saved).

5. What kind of people did God set apart in verse 29? Read
Whom He foreknew, those He had chosen.

6. Explain verse 31. Let’s read and explain it.
If God the Father has chosen us, called us and we are His children – who can touch you? For Father God is the creator of Heaven and Earth.
We are chosen by God to be His children, yet He gives us free choice to receive Jesus.

The Word of God tells us that He first loved us and sent Jesus to die for our sins. When Jesus went to heaven God sent the Holy Spirit to be with us on earth. He did this all just because of His great love for us. The Holy Spirit is our voice to God, He is our intercessor. If God is for you who can be against you!


Teacher / Cell leader
Preparation: Read Romans 8:31-39

1. What does verse 32 promise us? Let’s read it again.
God will give us everything we need, God so loved us that He gave us Jesus. Discuss

2. Who can accuse you, verse 33-34?
God Himself declares you not guilty.

3. Who makes intercession for us in verse 34? Read
Jesus does.

4. When we have troubles and hard times we feel separated. Can we be separated from Christ?
Read verse 38-39
No we may feel like we are, but we can’t really be.

5. Read verse 37. What have we received? What does it mean to be a conqueror? Discuss

We are victorious, reigning in every area of our lives.

Summarize verse by verse and discuss it.

Jesus never takes us around a problem or over it. He takes us through it. We already stand in victory. Now learn to pray in His authority. When Jesus died and rose again He sent us the Holy Spirit, who pleads for us to the Father who sees into our hearts. The Holy Spirit pleads according to God’s will and purpose.

Verses you can bring in:

  • Psalm 118:6
  • Hebrews 13:6
  • Hebrews 13:8
  • Romans 8:31

LESSON ELEVEN Forgiveness by the blood

Teacher / Cell leader
Preparation: Read Colossians 1:1-17
(Colossians 1:1-6 is for background info)
Let the children read: Colossians 1:1-17.

1. Read verse 9. What knowledge did Paul ask God to fill us with?
His will, wisdom and spiritual understanding.

2. Read verse 10 what will we grow in?
In the knowledge of God.

3. Read verse 11-12, what are you to be made strong with and why?
With all might by God’s power. It is our inheritance. Discuss

4. Read verse 13. What have we been delivered from?
The kingdom of Darkness.

5. Read verse 14, how were we delivered? Redeemed – bought back?
By Jesus’ blood we received the forgiveness of sin. Also read verse 15-16. Discuss question 4 +5 together.

6. Are we included in the all things of verse 17?

Discuss and summarise. The importance falling on :are you saved? This is an excellent lesson to do an altar call.

LESSON TWELVE Jesus the source

Teacher / Cell leader
Preparation: Read Colossians 1:18-29
Read each verse to the children each time to look for the answer
1. Let’s read verse 18. Why is Jesus so important to the body or church?
He is the Head of the Church. He is the first place in all things. He is the source.

2. Through what did God make peace in verse 20?
The blood Jesus shed on the cross. The whole verse applies.

3. Read verse 22, what three things did Jesus physical death give us to come into God’s presence?
We are now holy, blameless and above reproach.
Discuss Jesus willingness to die for us.

4. Verse 23 has a few rules, what are they?
We need to continue in faith, steadfastness and hope. Walk by faith and not by sight.
We need to be steadfast. Not moved away from hope (doubt) we received when we believed the gospel. Opposite of faith is fear.

5. Where is Christ found according to verse 27?
In you. (As the Holy Spirit)When you receive Jesus the Holy Spirit lives in your heart.

Summarise drawing the children into a discussion. Explain steadfastness, hope, faith, doubt and fear (verse 23).


Teacher / Cell leader
Preparation: Read 1 John 4:12-13
Romans 8:14-17
Proverbs 20:27
John 7:37-38

Deal with each passage individually. Read each verse again to find the answer.

1. What is made perfect in us according to 1 John 4:12?
God’s love.

2. What will we receive in 1 John 4:13?
If we abide in Him and He in us, the Spirit.

3. Romans 8:14-15 as children what may we call God …
Father (Abba is an Arabic word means “daddy”).

4. Explain Romans 8:16
God’s Spirit makes sure that we are His children.

5. Proverbs 20:27, where will you find the Spirit?
In your heart.

6. What is the Spirit referred to in John 7:37-38?
As Living water.

Discuss and summarise this lesson.


Teacher / Cell leader
Read / Preparation Ezekiel 36:26+27
2 Corinthians 5:17
2 Corinthians 6:16
Matthew 28:18-20

1. Read Ezekiel 36:26 what will we receive?
A new heart and God will put His Spirit into us.

2. Read 2 Corinthians 5:17 how does this happen?
Our spirits are renewed. Jesus makes all things new.

3. Read 2 Corinthians 6:16 what do we now become?
Temples of the living God.

4. Matthew 28:19-20 tells us to go and do something?
Make disciples and baptise them in water.
It is a direct order from Jesus.

5. What happens to us when we get baptised?
We receive a new heart, the old things are washed away and we are made new. It’s like taking off and old, torn jacket and putting on a brand new one!

This is an important lesson go through it again. Explain and let the kids understand. Ask questions and allow time to let them talk.

LESSON FIFTEEN Why do we need the Holy Spirit?

Teacher / Cell leader
Read / Preparation John 14:16-17
John 14:26-27
John 16:13-15
Galatians 3:26-29

1. Who is Jesus referring to as our helper in John 14:16? The Holy Spirit.

2. John 14:17 refers to the Spirit as the Spirit of … ?

3. What is the Spirits’ duty in John 14:26? Let’s read it again.
To teach and help you to remember ALL THINGS.

4. What does the Spirit come to do in John 16:13?
Guide you in the full truth.

5. Read and explain John 16:15
All that belongs to the Father belong to The Son who instructs the Spirit.

6. What does Galatians 3:26 say we are? Let’s read it.
Children of God because of our faith in Jesus Christ.

7. Read Galatians 3:27. What does it mean to be baptised?
To put Christ on.

LESSON SIXTEEN What does the Spirit do for us?

Teacher / Cell leader
Preparation: Read Galatians 5:16-21 & Romans 8:26-27
Read each verse to the children each time to look for the answer.

1. Read and Explain Galatians 5:16 What does it mean to be led by the Spirit?
The Spirit teaches you God’s will and guides you.

2. Let’s read verse 21. What is the warning in Gal 5:21?
You will not inherit the kingdom of God.

3. Explain the steps found in Romans 8:26.
The Spirit helps us when we are weak
Intercedes for us
Discuss this.

4. Read Romans 8:27 What does God see into?
Your heart.

Allow time to chat, ask questions like – “What did you find interesting?” Direct the question directly at someone and allow the children to help each other. You will find that they start listening to each other. See what they understand and the depth of their understanding. As this is a short lesson, let the children pray for each other.

LESSON SEVENTEEN Receive the Holy Spirit with evidence of tongues

Teacher / Cell leader
Read / preparation
Acts 1:4
Acts 2:2-14
Acts 10:34-48
Hebrews 2:8-18

There is a lot of reading this week, a suggestion – the leader or teacher read through it aloud to the class. Let the children read through the question verses.
Read: Acts 1:4

1. Look for a command in verse 4.
Do not leave.

2. What were they to do there?

3. What where they to wait for?
The gift the Father promised.

Acts 2:2-14
3. Verse 2-3 what is the Holy Spirit described as?
Wind and fire.

4. What was the result of the wind and fire?
They were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues.

Acts 10:34-48
5. Verse 34 is it only for some people or all people?
All people.

6. Verse 38 Who anointed Jesus?
God did.

7. What did God anoint Jesus with?
The Holy Spirit and power.

8. Verse 43 what will we receive if we believe?
Remission, forgiveness of our sins. God washes us clean.

This is a long lesson do not leave the kids behind, the Bible reading explains everything, just do it slowly making sure they stay with you, keep it simple.


Use this as an interesting time to summarize.
Prepare teachers for the altar call.
The Bible teaches us of three different baptisms:

1. The baptism into Christ.
2. The baptism in water.
3. The baptism in the Holy Spirit.

The first one we experience when we are reborn, we experience Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives.
The second one we experience when we believe. You have been baptised into Christ, you have put Him on.
The third experience is by prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to lead us.

When we receive Jesus as the Lord of our Lives we are forgiven by the blood of the cross. We become reborn (spiritually) He comes into your heart. When we become baptised we are new the old is washed away by the water and we become new creations in Christ, the Holy Spirit comes upon us. Now as we grow in Christ we need to ask the Holy Spirit by prayer to lead us and the evidence, is the talking of tongues, which means that our spirit talks to God.


Hebrews 2:8-18

All things begin and end with Jesus!

We have learnt how to approach the Lord with confidence; that we need to believe, trust and be faithful. Jesus has created a way for us to approach God, through His work on the cross.

We are God’s children. Jesus died and rose again He also sent us the Holy Spirit so that we can understand that we are more that conquerors, we are victors by the blood shed on the cross. Jesus is our source and the Holy Spirit is important in our lives – we cannot be without Him.

In John 3:16 The Father tells us of His plan and love for you and me. It begins by receiving Jesus into your life, then entering into eternal life with Him. All things and everything includes you and me.

End with altar call.

It has been a privilege to share the Word of God with you. Teachers and Cell Leaders I pray that you have grown in the Word. That you have used all opportunities to get people saved.


Pat van Wyk