I am on a mission – To be like Jesus

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Before we begin:

This Puppet Show is aimed at younger children.
Don’t rush through the materials.
Engage with your audience.

This puppet show is double spaced with a larger font so that it is easier to follow while you are giving the lesson. Lighting behind the puppet show is not always ideal and you want to be able to read the materials easily.

Let us begin:

Belvedere and Jo-Jo Greet.

Belvedere: My name is Belvedere, hello kids.

Jo-Jo: And my name is Jo-Jo, kids hello.

Belvedere: (Singing) I’m on a mission
I want to walk with Jesus
I want to talk to Jesus

Jo-Jo: What are you on about this time Belvedere? I thought we are on a mission? We belong to Jesus and we must go tell!

Belvedere: Yes! But there is so much more. (singing) I have a mission. I have a vision.

Jo-Jo: (Singing I have a… ) you have got me doing it now.

Belvedere: (singing) I have a mission, I have a purpose!

Jo-Jo: Wait! Wait, Belvedere what has a mission got to do with purpose?

Belvedere: I am so excited Jo-Jo…

Jo-Jo: (interrupting) I also want to be excited, tell us what are you excited about, the kids and I want to know, right kids(wait for a response)

Belvedere: Okay, if you will give me a chance, uhm where do I start?

Jo-Jo: B e l v e d e r e (pulling it out)

Belvedere: Okay! Okay! I was at a kids club meeting and they were talking about purpose.
Jo-Jo: Purpose? uhm.

Belvedere: Yes do you know what your purpose is Jo-Jo?

Jo-Jo: Yes, to play and to go play…

Belvedere: What is your vision?

Jo-Jo: But I don’t need my eyes tested, my vision is good, there is nothing wrong with my eyes.

Belvedere: Not that kind of vision, Jo-Jo. Vision means you have something on your heart you want to do and purpose means you want to do it.

Jo-Jo: Okay, I get the picture, tell us more.

Belvedere: Well the leader at the meeting was telling us about Jesus and the Love of God.

Jo-Jo: Like that song we sing, let us sing it.

Belvedere: 1,2,3 I love Jesus yes I do
I love Jesus yes I do
He is the Son of God
Let’s do it again… x2

Belvedere: So where was I (thinking) The leader was telling us about Jesus and the kind of man He was and how He travelled around with His disciples.

Jo-Jo: Belvedere? Did they go by car?

Belvedere: No man, they had to walk.

Jo-Jo: Walk? Why?

Belvedere: In those days cars had not been invented yet!

Jo-Jo: And buses?

Belvedere: No, no buses either nor aeroplanes!

Jo-Jo: Wow! No aeroplanes.

Belvedere: Jesus many times slept in the fields under a tree with a big fire for wild animals.

Jo-Jo: Wild animals? No.

Belvedere: Sometimes people would give them place to sleep.

Jo-Jo: Sleeping under the stars and walking. I didn’t know all these things Belvedere?

Belvedere: Let me tell you more. Jesus often went one side to pray. He would walk a little way away from everybody to be alone to pray to His Father in heaven.

Jo-Jo: Can I ask you something?

Belvedere: Yes!

Jo-Jo: If Jesus prayed then so must we hey?

Belvedere: Yes, Jo-Jo Jesus was truly an example to us, as he went about His Fathers business.

Jo-Jo: Why? What did He sell? Kids do you know if He sold anything? (wait for response)
Belvedere: Wait, Wait no God sent Jesus on a mission.

Jo-Jo: Yes! And what was that?

Belvedere: It says so in the Bible. In John chapter 3 verse 16 “God loved us so much that he gave His only Son Jesus, so that whoever believes in Him will go to heaven”. He was on a mission.

Jo-Jo: So is that what you were singing about. I’m on a mission, I have a purpose.

Belvedere: Exactly! Let’s sing it together:
I’m on a mission
I have a vision
I have a purpose x2

Jo-Jo: I want to be on a mission too.

Belvedere: Jo-Jo, what do you want to become when you grow up?

Jo-Jo: I want to be a Doctor!

Belvedere: Then you must learn hard and go to university. That’s having a vision and your purpose is to study and get there.

Jo-Jo: (singing) I want to be a Doctor x2

Belvedere: I want to be like Jesus. I want to pray for people to get healed and tell them of God’s love.

Jo-Jo: I feel better now! (slowly) But what if … ?

Belvedere: What if, what?

Jo-Jo: What if I want to be a lawyer?
Belvedere: That’s okay, you can.

Jo-Jo: But what if… ?

Belvedere: Jo-Jo you need to pray about it.

Jo-Jo: Okay! I will.

Belvedere: You need to ask God to help you to decide what does He want you to become. You might be surprised.

Jo-Jo: Surprised!?

Belvedere: Yes surprised! Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11 says “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.

Jo-Jo: I am so excited God has got plans for me (proudly)

Belvedere: Sometimes it surprises us because God has bigger and better plans for us than what we think.

Jo-Jo: I want to be more like Jesus too. I want to find out Gods plans for me?

Belvedere: God has great plans for you and I.

Jo-Jo: Can I ask you something?

Belvedere: Yes.

Jo-Jo: You said I must pray, then how will I know what God says?

Belvedere: Mmm… Sometimes you know a thing is wrong but you do it anyway?
Jo-Jo: Yes!

Belvedere: Then why do you do it?

Jo-Jo: Because I just want to.

Belvedere: Yes, but that’s not wise.

Jo-Jo: uhm… it is selfish.

Belvedere: Do you know what really made me sing? It was because I was happy.

Jo-Jo: What?

Belvedere: I know that God loves me and Jesus died for me and now I know that God has big plans for me. Let’s sing I love Jesus yes I do
1,2,3 I love Jesus yes I do
I love Jesus yes I do
He is the Son of God x2

Jo-Jo: Yes, yes!

Belvedere: He will let me feel bad if I go the wrong way then I will know I must turn and go the right way and then I am happy.

Jo-Jo: Sad wrong way? Happy right way! I got it.

Belvedere: Let us sing: I’ve got a vision
I’ve got a purpose x2

Jo-Jo: Belvedere what do you want to be when you grow up?

Belvedere: I want to travel all over the world.

Jo-Jo: Really (long) take me too.

Belvedere: I want to be a missionary.

Jo-Jo: A miss – ion – ary? What’s that?

Belvedere: I want to go all over the world to tell everybody that God loves them because that’s what Jesus did.

Jo-Jo: And tell them about Jesus…?

Belvedere: Yes!

Jo-Jo: And praying for them?

Belvedere: Yes, I love to pray!

Jo-Jo: Yes, Jesus had vision and purpose.

Belvedere: Yes, He did.

Jo-Jo: Will you take me with next time you go to Sunday school or kids club?

Belvedere: You are welcome Jo-Jo, it is fun!

Jo-Jo: What do you do there that is so much fun?

Belvedere: Well (thinking) first we sing.

Jo-Jo: I love to sing!

Belvedere: And then we learn all about Jesus from the Bible.

Jo-Jo: I want to learn too, I want to be like Jesus!
Belvedere: Just before we are finished we pray for one another.

Jo-Jo: So is that where the mission stuff starts? I think I like it.

Belvedere: I suppose you could say that, because the more you read the Bible and learn about Jesus. The more you love Him.

Let’s sing 1,2,3 I’m on a mission
I’m on a mission
I’m on a mission,
I’m on a mission for Jesus. x2

Jo-Jo: I know, I know John chapter 3 verse 16.

Belvedere: Jo-Jo, you are getting clever!

Jo-Jo: Well I never thought about this stuff before.

Belvedere: (surprised) Really!

Jo-Jo: Yes, I just wanted to play all the time, I didn’t have a purpose.

Let’s sing: I’m on a mission
I have a vision
I have a purpose
Let’s all do it together x2

Belvedere: That was fun Jo-Jo, a lot of people die and never know about Jesus, or their vision and purpose in life.

Jo-Jo: That really makes me sad. I want to read my Bible and sing about Jesus everyday. Let us sing another song Belvedere?

Belvedere: Let me teach you a great song listen:
I love to sing to Jesus everything
I love to sing to Jesus everything
He is my Lord I love Him so
I love to sing to Jesus everything.
Let us sing it again.

Jo-Jo: Let’s sing: I’m on a mission
Let’s sing it together come on kids and Belvedere
I’m on a mission
I’m on a mission
I’m on a mission for Jesus x2

Belvedere: Let’s sing!
I belong to Jesus
I belong to Jesus
I belong to Jesus
He is the Son of God. x2

Belvedere is still speaking: Kids, Jo-Jo this has been fun, it is time to say good bye.

Jo-Jo: Yes, this has been fun we have enjoyed every minute.

Belvedere: We certainly have and we are on a mission.
Both dolls: Singing We are on a mission.
Bye-Bye, Bye – Bye We love you Bye – Bye.