I am on a mission – I am a Jesus Child


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Before we begin:

This Puppet Show is aimed at younger children.
Don’t rush through the materials.
Engage with your audience.

This puppet show is double spaced with a larger font so that it is easier to follow while you are giving the lesson. Lighting behind the puppet show is not always ideal and you want to be able to read the materials easily.

Let us begin:

Belvedere: Hello Jo-Jo.

Jo-Jo: Hello Belvedere.

Belvedere: (humming) I am on a mission.

Jo-Jo: What’s up?

Belvedere: Its bubbling up inside of me.

Jo-Jo: Did you have something bad to eat, Belvedere?

Belvedere: No.

Jo-Jo: Let me feel your stomach? (put your hand on his tummy)

Belvedere: I’m fine Jo-Jo, its not my stomach it is in my heart.

Jo-Jo: Oh No! Must I get a Doctor. (call out) is there a Doctor in the house?

Belvedere: I’m fine, I’m fine (call out) Let me explain. Calm down.

Jo-Jo: Okay, okay, you are fine?

Belvedere: Let me read you a scripture from Matthew chapter 28 verse 18, 19 and 20.

Jo-Jo: agrees from time to time.

Belvedere: Jesus said “I have all the power in heaven and earth. Go and make the people my disciples.”

Jo-Jo: What’s that got to do with the bubbling Belvedere?

Belvedere: Listen to this, “Jesus said Go and make disciples”. So when I read these exciting things, I think of Go and tell everybody Jesus is alive.

Jo-Jo: And…?

Belvedere: Do You remember when you received Jesus as the Lord of your life you wanted to go and tell what Jesus has done for you to others?

Jo-Jo: Yes, I remember.

Belvedere: Well I got so excited that it just bubbles up inside of me and I got to go and tell what Jesus did for me. Remember I am an agent with a mission?
Song: I’m on a mission
I’m on a mission
I’m on a mission for JESUS.
Let’s all sing it together x2

Jo-Jo: Yes an agent with a mission. Can I tell you something Belvedere?

Belvedere: Yes, what do you want to tell me?

Jo-Jo: I have been praying and reading my Bible.

Belvedere: You have? That’s just fabulous! Jo-Jo.

Jo-Jo: Yes! You said I’m on a real mission, remember?

Belvedere: Yes, I do remember.

Jo-Jo: So now, I got to go tell.
Belvedere: Yes, that’s what I have been saying. You feel like you want to burst. Hey?

Jo-Jo: That’s what the bubbling is all about, Belvedere?

Belvedere: Yes, exactly!

Jo-Jo: Well that’s what I kind of feel like, joyful and glad all at the same time.

Belvedere: That’s it!

Jo-Jo: (singing) I’m on a mission.
Let’s all sing it together.

I’m on a mission
I’m on a mission
I’m on a mission with Jesus x2

Belvedere: You’re on a mission Jo-Jo.

Jo-Jo: I got it too! Its bubbling up inside of me.

(point to your stomach and then to your heart.)

Belvedere: Kids remember what we read in Matthew 28 “Go and make disciples in verse 20 Jesus said I am with you always.” Do you know always means every minute of the day and night.

Jo-Jo: Always, So I am not alone even when I am.

Belvedere: Yes, Jo-Jo Always even from the time that Jesus said it right up to know, always.

Jo-Jo: I am confused.

Belvedere: What is confusing you?

Jo-Jo: How did you work it out?

Belvedere: Well it says so in Matthew 28 and I believe the Bible is the truth, written down for us.

Jo-Jo: Yes (pull out) but…

Belvedere: There are no buts. Let me explain. The bubbling feeling comes from your heart, right?

Jo-Jo: Yes, here (touch your heart)

Belvedere: So when you said you are a Jesus child, you asked Jesus to be your saviour.

Jo-Jo: Yes, uhm.

Belvedere: When you said you were bubbling, where did you feel it?

Jo-Jo: Here, deep inside. (singing:) Deep deep down inside my heart, its bubbling, bubbling deep, deep down.

Belvedere: Just checking, your heart?

Jo-Jo: Yes, yes from deep down inside of my heart.

Belvedere: Well when you asked Jesus to be your saviour, He becomes the Lord of your life.

Jo-Jo: That’s right!

Belvedere: Well, now He lives in your heart.

Jo-Jo: Yes, (hold your heart) He is in my heart.

Belvedere: Exactly!(singing) : I love Jesus, He lives in my heart, I love Jesus, He lives deep,deep down in my heart.

Jo-Jo: So if He is in the inside of me, in my heart I am never alone.

Belvedere: Yes! You are never alone. Jesus said I am with you always.

Jo-Jo: I know, I know always. I am always with Jesus and Jesus is always with me.(holding your heart.)

Belvedere: Yes, if you read the book of proverbs chapter 23 in the Bible, you will see that a persons
heart is a very important thing!

Jo-Jo: Yes, and for your body to pump the blood.

Belvedere: Solomon wrote most of the book called proverbs and He was a very wise man.

Jo-Jo: I saw a lot of do’s and don’t Belvedere.

Belvedere: Let me read some good things that really make my heart leap and jump Jo-Jo.

Jo-Jo: Yes, read us something please.

Belvedere: Proverbs (slowly) 23 verse 12. Apply your heart to good things and your ears to words of God.

Jo-Jo: I know, I know It says you must be clever, hey!

Belvedere: Yes, Jo-Jo.(if you want to elaborate read verses 15,16,19 and 26.)

Jo-Jo: I think I’ve got it, God is glad when we speak good things and it is wise to keep your heart clean with doing the right things and your eyes must make Jesus’ heart glad with what you watch.

Belvedere: You are clever today Jo-Jo!
What is in your heart comes out of your mouth, it means the way you talk. And what you say.
Let me teach you a great song I know:
I walk, walk, walk for Jesus.
I talk, talk, talk for Jesus.
Now let’s all sing it together x2

Jo-Jo: Yes, children a kind heart and a good mouth.

Belvedere: Jo-Jo and (long) Jesus lives in my heart that’s why its bubbling up in me because my heart is glad.

Jo-Jo: Now I understand all about the bubbles.

Belvedere: Yes I’m on a mission, I have to go tell everybody that my heart is bursting.

Jo-Jo: My hearts glad and full of joy to, I’m on a mission too.

Belvedere: Why? (slowly)

Jo-Jo: Because I am a Jesus child and I want to tell everybody.

Belvedere: Yes, Jo-Jo your heart belongs to Jesus.
It is time for another song:

I belong to Jesus
I belong to Jesus
I belong to Jesus
Jesus is my Lord.
Let’s sing it again x2

Jo-Jo: (holding your heart) You are right its starting to jump all about from excitement.

Belvedere: Jesus wants us to tell others.

Jo-Jo: I know, I know to go and tell Jesus loves you.

Belvedere: Jo-Jo you are getting clever. Children if you believe in Jesus and ask Him into your life, He comes and lives in your heart and when you tell others and they except Him it’s called making disciples. So we are all on a mission. (singing)
Man was made to spread the gospel around, the message of love – love.

Jo-Jo: Yes, I want to go and tell I am a Jesus child, (singing) I’m on a mission…
Let’s sing it one more time Belvedere. Come on kids.
I’m on a mission
I’m on a mission
I’m on a mission for Jesus x2

Belvedere: Let’s say good bye Jo-Jo.

Jo-Jo: okay!

Both dolls greet! Bye – bye we’re on a mission
Bye – bye – bye.

(This is a good time for the group leader to do an altar call. See that you make sure they understand what a Jesus child is actually a child of God. Write down the children’s names and give them certificates and inform the parents to put the day and date in their Bibles.)

What a privilege this has been.

Thank You Lord