God is Incredible

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  • Introduction
  • Chapter One God is amazing
  • Chapter Two God is our Protector
  • Chapter Three God’s Love
  • Chapter Four Good News
  • Chapter Five Preparing the Disciples
  • Chapter Six The Death of Jesus
  • Chapter Seven The Risen Christ


• Have you experienced God?
• Have you experienced God intimately?
• In a supernatural way, that cannot be explained?

I can only describe it as incredible, a moment where you and God are one. God’s power is overwhelming because of this I think we can only stand it for a moment long.

We recently had a guest Pastor ministering in our church. As he walked past me to pray for somebody I just started to laugh softly, and suddenly out of my stomach came rolls of laughter. I seemed to be laughing at something very, very funny but I was in fact laughing at nothing funny. I had no control over it, yet I seemed to be all alone with God at that moment. Although the church people sat around me, and I knew everybody was looking at me, and I am one of the Pastors! I felt shy; I knew I was blushing, so I covered my face with my hands enjoying God’s touch.

God has many ways of touching us, this is just one way He touch me. I have had supernatural healing in my life and I try to hear the Holy Spirit’s voice and learn to obey the small soft voice prompting me. If you have never ever fell under the spirit or been touched in any way, then this will be weird to you. I can assure you, that you, are empty until you have a relationship with God that will fill a void God placed their that only He can fill.

You can have happiness, yet not enough. Money, yet not enough. People around you, yet alone. The unconditional love of God is the only fulfilment that will give you peace because God sees us through the blood of Jesus.


Let us start our story in the Old Testament.
Read 1 Kings 18:16-45 Elijah

Elijah is God’s prophet. King Ahab and Baal prophets.

Baal was an idol so the prophets worshiping Baal were known as Baal prophets. Elijah had an idea to prove God was a living true God, an incredible God. So he went to King Ahab and asked the King to gather together 450 Baal prophets and build an altar for worship. On the altar they must place an animal for sacrifice. They were not to set fire to the sacrifice, they were to call to Baal and Elijah would call to God, to set the fire ablaze. The God who set the fire ablaze would be the true God. King Ahab agreed as He had so many (450) men they would over shadow one man. (Let us prove once and for all, is God, God? Or is Baal God?)

The Baal prophets found 450 men and got an animal they put on the altar and started to call out to Baal. Imagine 450 people shouting out at once it must have been loud. Nothing happened. They decided to shout louder. They carried on for hours. At midday Elijah called out, maybe Baal is asleep, so they called even louder. Nothing happened.

Towards evening Elijah called the people over and started building an altar with 12 stones. He dug trench around the altar and fetched wood and packed it on the altar. Took a bull to sacrifice it and placed it on the altar. Elijah asked the people to pour water over the wood and the meat until the trench was full. Remember when you braai wet wood does not burn.

Elijah stepped forward and began to pray to God aloud. Verse 37.(GNB) Answer me, O Lord so that these people will know you as the true God. Verse 38. Then, the fire of the Lord fell and burned up the sacrifice, the wood, the stones and dried up all the water that was in the trench.

What do you think about that? Have you heard of stones just melting and all the water, just gone? The fire must have been very intense.

When the people saw this, they fell on their faces and worshiped God. God had shown them His incredible power that He is the living God. Elijah trusted God and so can we.
What we have been looking at, is a true story because there were 450 witnesses.

God is a living incredible God.

Do you pray trusting God?
Do you know of God?
Do you know God?


We are going to learn how God is our protector in Daniel 3.
So read Daniel chapter 3 first.

Daniel trusted and obeyed God. He was serving King Nebuchadnezzar as the ruler over the province of Babylon. Daniels best friends were Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego they were also administrators over the province while Daniel stayed at King Nebby’s royal court.

In one of Babylon’s provinces the King had a golden statue about 27 meters high and 2,7 meters wide built. It was huge. In order to melt the gold to make this statue the King had a really big oven made. When it was finished the King ordered all the officials and all the people of the land to worship the idol.

Imagine we had to bow down and worship this idol. Law said worship it or die, so if you wanted to live you worshiped the idol. Many must have been afraid even terrified. Then the King got word that high ranking Jews were not worshiping the idol. He was furious and had them arrested and brought to Him. He did not expect it to be Sahdrach, Meshack and Abednego and asked them if it was true. You must do this otherwise I will not be able to rescue you, He must have shouted. They answered unafraid. We will not, our God will rescue us and if He does not we will still not worship false Gods.

They must have known God to trust Him. King Nebby was so furious that he ordered the furnace to be made hotter than ever and they were to be thrown in. The soldiers tied the three men up open the door of the furnace and through the three in but the fire was so hot it burn the soldiers up and the three men fell in the furnace.
Then suddenly as the King was watching remembering that 3 tied up men were thrown in. Saw 4 men now walking in the furnace. The King’s eyes must have nearly popped out. The soldiers just evaporated and now 3 men became 4. How was this possible? King Nebby then came closer and called to the men and said they must come out.

So Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego came out of the fire. Everybody came closer because they could not believe their eyes. Their hair was still perfect. Their clothes not burnt and so more, they did not smell of smoke. (If you sit in the smoke of a braai you smell like smoke and it sticks to your clothes.)

The King praised Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego’s God. Your God even sent an angel to rescue you!

Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego trusted God even to death and God does a miracle by sending them an angel. I would have liked to hear what the angel said to them. I guess “You good and faithful servants”. If we could close our eyes and see into the supernatural world I think we would be surprised at the angels going up and down to help us.

Did Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego obey God or the King? …………………

Do you think they were afraid? ……………………………

Did the King try to persuade them? ……………………….

How do you think the 4th man appeared with them? …………………………………

Do you think that God can do it for you today?……………

Chapter Three: GOD’S LOVE

This is a verse everybody knows but do we really understand it. John 3:16 let’s read it together from the Bible.

I see in my minds eye and imaging this. God in heaven sitting on a huge throne. God calling to the angels to come closed and saying “I love the world and I want to save them. The world is into darkness and I will give them the light.”

I wonder what would have happened if God did not love us so much, if He was a cross God or a God that could not forgive us.
Verse 16: God so loved us that He sent Jesus to save us and give us eternal life (to live forever)

People in this world have been trying for centuries to make youth potions because they don’t want to die. Yet God says whosoever believes in Jesus will have eternal life. Jesus did not come to condemn us but to save us.

Verse 19: Man loves sins and remains in darkness. God send Jesus in a most incredible way to live on earth, He lived with the disciples who became witnesses at the cross and all He asks us is to believe that it all an act of love. He wants to save everybody, but not everybody wants to be saved. God in heaven wants us to be with Him, to live a life so that we will all meet again. He proves His love by sending His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal Life. Let’s go to: Gen.26:24

God is with us. He loves us so much He gives us Jesus and then He makes a promise right in the beginning of time. “Do not be afraid I am with you”

Do you live in fear?…………………………..

Chapter Four: GOOD NEWS

Read through these wonderful scriptures, find God’s promises and remember “The Word of God is sharper than a two edged sword.” The Word of God is alive. Read these Psalms over and over again. Learn to use scripture when you pray, it is very powerful.

Psalm 91
Psalm 27
Psalm 18:2

Fill in the missing words:

Psalm 91: 2-4
You are my de . . . . . . and my pro . . . . . .. You are my G . . in you I t . . . . 3. He will keep you s . . . . from all hidden dangers and from all deadly diseases. 4. He w . . . cov . . you with his
W . . . . you w . . . be s . . . In his c . . . his faith . . . . . . . will pro . . . . and defend you. And Ps 91 :11
God will p . . his an. . . . in . . . . . of you to . . . . . . . you wh . . .
. . . . you go.

Wow! That means you and me.

Ps 18:2
God is your Rock, your Fortress, your shield, your refuge. God is an incredible God.


God is so incredible He raises Jesus from the dead just to save us!

Mark 9:28-36 Let us read these scriptures together.
Jesus speaks to the disciples, trying to warm them of what was about to happen. Now let’s go to:

Luke 18:31-34
Jesus took the twelve disciples aside and said to them listen! “We are going to Jerusalem where everything the prophets wrote about the Son of Man will come true. 32. He will be handed over to the Gentiles who will mock him, insult him and spit on him. 33. They will whip him and kill him, but three days later he will rise to life”. 34. But the disciples did not understand any of these things, the meaning of the words was hidden from them and they did not know what Jesus was talking about. God loved us so much he talks to the prophets in the Old Testament and starts preparing us that Jesus will come and die for our sins.

Jesus was preparing the disciples yet they did not understand. They were going to became incredible witnesses as to what they saw. No magic no doubt real life real death on a cross.

Luke 9: 28-36 Let us read these scriptures together.
First the disciples saw Moses and Elijah then God speaks to the disciples. It overwhelms them, they don’t really understand yet God is preparing them. They saw something supernatural. Much later in Mark God speaks to them.

Where did Jesus take the disciples in Luke 18:31-34? ………………………
Who does Jesus die for?………………………………………
What were the disciples going to become?…………………


Let us read these scriptures together.
Luke 23: 44-56

Clearly here Jesus was nailed to the cross and died, his body taken down and buried. How sad this must have been for all who loved Jesus. His mother, his disciples and many believers all standing in dismay! Then comes Joseph of Arimathea asks for the body and places it in the tomb and the women followed him and go to prepare spices and perfume for the body and Sunday they rested. It must have been so difficult to the body, take out the nails blood everywhere, wrap the body, pick it up and carry it to the tomb.

Let us read these scriptures together. Luke 24:1-12
EXPLANATION: The woman found the stone rolled away remember it was very heavy. The first thought they must have had was “what happened here?” Then, they ran as fast as they could to tell the eleven. I think screaming excitedly. The men thought the women were talking nonsense, ran to see for themselves. They were amazed. Jesus was crucified, buried and now risen.

We read this as a story, yet I want to remind you that this is the truth. Jesus lived and died and rose from the dead. The disciples were there, they wrote it down in the Bible to tell their story.

Are you finding this amazing? ………………………….
Jesus died for you before He even knew you …………………
Just because He loved us first.


Read the whole of Luke 24 as an overview. We are going to concentrate on “The walk to Emmaus” (24:13-35) in verse 21: The men tell of what they had hoped for, the setting of Israel free! They tried to understand what Jesus had said to them thinking he would maybe become King. They couldn’t believe that this man did not know what was going on or that he had not heard. Then when Jesus breaks the bread they recognize Him.

Luke 24:36-49 read from verse 36.
I think I also would have stood in dismay. We buried you and here you stand.

Verse 39. Look at my hands and my feet and see that it is I myself. “Feel me” said Jesus. They were full of joy and wonder.
Now read verse 45-49.

What an incredible God! He does it in away that we can understand and grasp it, see and believe.

Now let’s go to:

John 20:30 “In His disciples presence Jesus performed many other miracles which are not written down in this book (Bible). 31. But these have been written in order that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God and that through your faith in Him you may have life.”

Do you have a day and a date that you gave your life to Jesus?
We truly have an incredible God that sent His only Son to die for our sins. Just because He loved us.

Have you experienced God’s amazing love for YOU!

The Word of God is powerful and full of promises let us try to discover God’s promises. The Bible is full of amazing stories. We are going to look at Elijah and the Baal Prophets, Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego and God’s love for us through Jesus.

May you experience God as incredible.